I am Prajna Acharya, a full time Physical Therapist in Detroit, USA originally from Mumbai, India.

As a kid, my parents took me to many destinations both in India and abroad, this is where the curiosity and wanderlust kicked in. Also, I come from a family of foodies, all get together plans were always around where to eat and I have been a foodie ever since. In 2013, I moved to the United States to get my Masters. By 2015, I completed my Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago and in 2018 I graduated from Touro college with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While studying and working full time, the traveller in me was always curious to explore the beautiful places around me. Over the years because of my travels I started experimenting with different cuisines too. However being a vegetarian, it highly restricted my diet or so I thought. Turns out there are plenty of interesting options even for vegetarians and hence I started noting them down since a lot of people kept inquiring about the food I ate. Thus began my journey to document my foodie experiments.

However, my primary goal still remains to travel and in the last 6 years I have travelled to 36 states in America and aim at completing all 50 soon. The last 7 years has been a hell of a ride, between pursuing my degree, getting my Physical Therapy license, managing my finances, moving 3 cities in between, working full time and dealing with visa issues but these things did not stop me from travelling outside the US and I managed to visit 11 more countries (total 31).

Life has not been the easiest but travelling is something that keeps me motivated and gives me a stronger purpose in life. I look forward to exploring new places and find comfort in travelling especially when its with family or Anish (boyfriend).

How old are you?

30 years young

First Foreign trip?

Malaysia, when I was 13

Favorite country in the world?

South Africa

Favorite place in the US?

Hawaii for Travel
Portland, Oregon for food

Favorite activity during travel?

Walking and exploring the place on foot

Which country is going to be country number 32?

Have not decided yet but going to a new country in December, 2020

How do you book your flights?

I use Skiplagged or Skyscanner and look for cheap tickets to anywhere from my location.

Where do you usually stay?

I stay at Marriott Hotels because I have been a member for years and I have my travel credit card with them too so i get 7-10 nights free a year. Plus they have great deals for members.

Favorite food?

Desserts for sure
Savory favs - Pizza/Pasta/Pav Bhaji/Dosa .

Favorite drink?

Iced Hazelnut Latte

Favorite restaurant in the D?

Takoi Takoi Takoi

Do you cook?

Yes, I love to cook and I started cooking when I was 15

What camera do you use?

Google pixel 3/ GoPro/ Nikon DSLR

Do you get paid for this blog?

No, all the content you see is organic. I have not been sponsored or paid. All opinions and most photos are of my own unless otherwise mentioned.